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All dogs need to be groomed regularly. However, some dogs require more frequent grooming than others, and there are certain kinds of dogs that can only be groomed in certain types of ways. In order to get your dog groomed properly, you should call Katy's Mobile Pet Spa LLC for our dog grooming in Columbia, MD. We want to serve as your dog groomer and will show you why we deserve to do it. We will take care of dog washing, dog nail clipping, and a whole lot more when you trust us with your dog.

Something as simple as dog nail cutting only takes a few minutes to do, but it can be a long, tedious process when it comes time to take your dog to get his nails cut. You need to throw him into the car, drive all the way to the groomer, and make a big fuss simply for a quick nail cutting session. We help to make the whole process easier by coming to you to offer you all of the services available on our dog grooming menu. No matter what service you need, we will come to you right away and get it done.

As far as dog grooming pricing is concerned, we are able to offer our clients excellent prices despite the convenience that we provide. Because we operate out of a mobile unit, we don’t have the same worries as physical shops and are able to keep our prices low. You will save time, money, and gas when you stay home to get your dog groomed as opposed to driving somewhere to have it done. 

Discover how Katy's Mobile Pet Spa LLC can help you today by setting up a dog grooming appointment.

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